Health is the greatest asset of all time and cannot be neglected for anything. Just like any other asset, it does require regular upkeep, and that’s where the preventive health checkup swoops in. Nowadays, our lives are already stressful enough, everyone is constantly on their toes, and their health is the last thing that comes to their mind. However, it should be the priority for everyone, irrespective of their health status, age, or gender.

Think of it as a small investment that can pay off big tomorrow. Still, people neglect it like anything. The advancement in diagnosis has made it possible to detect the problem before it turns serious with the help of a full-body health checkup.

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What Do Research & Studies Reveal?

Did you know studies suggest that approximately 75% of the Indian population never goes for diagnostic tests until or unless they are sick and doctors say so? This negligence further leads to a rising incidence of chronic health problems like cardiovascular diseases, stress-related illnesses, etc. They go for tests when it’s too late and when the disease has already spread its web inside the body, causing us to be weak, and in several cases, it minimizes our chances to fight it back.

Getting screened in time leads to more cures, better recovery rates, and longer survivals. Hence, regardless of your age, gender, or health status, all need to consider regular health checkups. According to researchers, regular health checkups can do wonders and significantly keep your wellness in check.

Still not sure what splendors they can do? Let us help! Scroll down to find what difference getting tested regularly can make and why you should consider them to improve your quality of life.

Periodic Regular Health Checkups Are Paramount To Prevent Health Perils – Here’s How?

  • Keeps You Aware: In our daily routine, we ignore several signs indicating that our health needs attention. Often treatable health conditions turn ugly because of ignorance of their symptoms at their initial stage. Hence, regular checkups are essential to stay on top of your health and sail through challenges without complications.
  • Prevent Worsening Of Disease: Periodic health checkups significantly prevent health problems from taking severe shape. It helps you detect potential ailments early and take corrective measures in time. It alerts healthcare professionals so they can provide treatment to ease symptoms.
  • Help You Embrace Healthy Lifestyle: Routine health checkups encourage one to switch to healthy habits that can benefit their health, reduce stress and improve the overall quality of life. It helps you change your diet, lifestyle, and routine to keep your health in check.
  • Boosts Immune Health: Like we said above, periodic health checkups help one adopt a healthy lifestyle, which helps maintain better immune health. The healthier your immune, the lesser your chances of falling sick, and it minimizes your chances of catching infections, flu or the common cold, and cough.
  • Minimizes Your Expenses: Getting tested regularly reduces your risks of catching illnesses, which, otherwise, can lead to complications and heavy expenditure. It helps identify the problem early and increases your chances of recovery without expensive treatment or surgery.

The benefits of getting tested routinely are more comprehensive than the abovementioned points. To obtain all the benefits, indulging in health checkups in your routine is essential.

How Often Should You Go For A Health Checkup?

Now the question here is how often one should go for them. Is it one time or something that should be done every month or what? We have the answer to your queries in the points below.

The period one should go for periodic health checkups differs for all and is based on varied factors discussed in the points below. So, let’s check them one by one.

  • Age: Age is the primary factor that helps decide how often you should get screened. A list of health tests needs to be conducted once a year, and the frequency declines as you age.
  • Health Status: People with underlying health conditions like diabetes, cholesterol & obesity should get themselves screened more often than ones with no health history. It helps you track your health and stay ahead of complications.
  • Lifestyle: Another factor that helps decide the frequency of getting health checkups is your lifestyle choices. If your daily routine involves lots of stress or sitting 7-8 hours at a desk, you are more prone to get sick and require health checkups once every 6 to 12 months. It will help you improve your lifestyle and prevent unforeseen health emergencies.
  • Family History: If you have a family history of diseases like diabetes, cancer, and cardiac disease, you are at higher risk of developing them on your own. In such cases, to keep you safeguard and reduce your risks, your doctor may suggest periodic health checkups to analyze your risks once every year or so and suggest corrective measures to delay genetic diseases and other complications to a possible extent.
  • Medical History: If you are undergoing therapy or treating a specific disease, your doctor may suggest you obtain regular health checkups more often than others. It will help them track your health, know your status and maintain your well-being for good.

So, do you go for health checkups, or are you from the 75% Indian population who chooses perils over prevention? No matter which side you are on. From the above, it is clear that routine health checkups are crucial today and should be part of your routine so you can know your health status and take precautions before it’s too late. The more you ignore the health checkups, the more it will increase your chances of getting sick, developing cardiac risks, and catching other life-threatening illnesses.

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Since approx. 25% of the Indian population do regular health checkups; we encourage the rest of the 75% population to understand its significance and minimize their chances of falling ill. No one is responsible for your health but you. Take charge in your own hands and improve it. Book your Full Body Checkup with the best diagnostic centre – Redcliffe Labs to get tested comfortably from home. Being your partner in diagnostics, we go to all extents to ensure that our clients will have an excellent experience with our services and support. We offer multiple health tests to meet your diverse diagnostic requirements.


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