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How To Boost Immunity During Winters?


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Dr Divya Rohra

Written By Meenakshi
on Jan 24, 2024

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on Mar 17, 2024


The season weakens the immune system and increases your chances of getting sick. Therefore, maintaining a robust immune system should be your priority to ward off infections and stay healthy during the colder months. But now the question is how to boost immunity during the colder season. Scroll down to learn ways you can give a boost to your immunity and promote overall wellness. So, let’s get started.

But wait before heading to find ways to keep your immune health up; let’s understand the factors that affect its functioning and compromise its health.

What affects immune health in winter?

  • Vitamin D Deficiency: Limiting outdoor activity and reducing exposure to sunlight can lower Vitamin D levels, which is crucial for a healthy immune function.
  • Change In Temperature: The sudden change in temperature while going in or out in the winter can also target the respiratory system and weaken the first line of defense against infections.
  • Inadequate Hydration: A chilly winter reduces the sensation of thirst, leading to dehydration that further influences the functioning of the immune system.
  • Inadequate Hand Hygiene: Cold weather may discourage frequent hand washing, which is crucial for stopping the virus from spreading further, reducing the risk of catching respiratory infections.

Therefore, to support a healthy immune system, it is essential to take proactive measures. Wondering what kind of measures can help? Scroll down to find the ways to improve immunity during winter.

8 Tips To Boost Immunity During Winter:

  • Eat Nutrient-Rich Food: Besides giving energy, food has the power to make or break your health and has a significant role in helping build a healthy immune system. Therefore, the first and foremost way to help boost immunity during winter is to incorporate nutrient-rich fruits and foods into your diet. The choice of seasonal fruits and vegetables contributes to strong immunity, keeping winter illnesses at bay.
  • Stay Hydrated: Hydration is the key that unlocks the doors of wellness. In addition, it supports healthy immune function and helps flush out toxins. Hence, incorporate healthy beverages like Juices, Warm Water, Herbal Teas, or Broths into your routine to stay hydrated and healthy. On the one hand, you have to make wise drinking choices; on the other hand, you should avoid choices that lead to dehydration, like excess tea or coffee or sweetened or artificial beverages.
  • Exercise Daily: Whether you are a gym freak or not, it is always good to stick to an exercise regimen that helps build muscles and boost the immune system. So, get engaged in moderate-intensity exercise to support healthy immune functioning.
  • Sleep Well: Compromising your sleep can lead to a compromised immune system or health. Therefore, you should create a bedtime routine and maintain a consistent sleep schedule to give your body enough time to repair and regenerate.
  • Manage Stress: Chronic stress directly targets your immune system and weakens it, leading to more health problems. Therefore, for a healthy and happy winter, ensure a healthy work-life balance and take short breaks to relax and recharge.
  • Maintain Good Hand Hygiene: Frequent hand washing helps maintain good hygiene and health, minimizing your chances of falling sick. Moreover, healthy hygiene contributes to a healthy immune system, ensuring overall well-being.
  • Incorporate Seasonal Fruits & Herbs: There are several immune-boosting foods in your kitchen, like ginger, garlic, or turmeric, that, thanks to their immune-supporting properties, ensure a healthier you.
  • Up Your Vitamin D Intake: While all the nutrients are essential to keep your health up during winter, Vitamin D is the most needed, keeping bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. Soak the sun or eat a vitamin D-rich diet to up your need for vitamins and support a healthier and stronger immune system.

This winter, empower your immune health to fortify your body against seasonal challenges. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is your best defense against winter ailments to keep your immune health up and avoid possible complications hurdling its functions.

Besides eating healthy or ditching a sedentary lifestyle, keeping up with your routine health checkups is essential to ensure your health doesn’t take a back seat. So, whether your doctor has suggested a Winter Care Package or Immunity Care Package, schedule a test with Redcliffe Labs today.

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