Hand Washing Day

Your life is in your hands, and we mean it. Germs and viruses are everywhere and can spread from one person to another via contaminated hands. Hand washing has always been the most effective and inexpensive way to minimize our risks of getting sick and spreading germs to others, and COVID-19 has taught it so well. Most people take it very lightly because they are unaware of the common ways germs spread. Global Handwashing Day is to bring its importance to everyone’s notice.

Germs Spread Via:

  • Nose, Mouth, Or Eyes To Hands To Others: People frequently touch their eyes, nose, and mouth without realizing that it can open the gates for germs to enter the body, especially after sneezing, coughing, or touching the contaminated item. Hence, adopting proper hand hygiene is crucial to keep diseases away.
  • Hands To Food: Tainted hands transmit germs to the food, contaminate it, and raise the risks of food poisoning. Hand washing is, thus, vital before, during, and after preparing the food.
  • Infected Hands Or Contaminated Products To Other Hands: Handshake smoothly passes the germs from one person to another. Moreover, germs from unwashed or dirty hands can be communicated to other objects like handrails, table tops, and more, and then can easily be transmitted to other humans and make them sick. Warding them off is paramount to limit your risks of being the spreader or getting infected with the same.

As the pandemic is not over, we should be alert and attentive. There are thousands of other viruses yet to be discovered than coronavirus that can harm human health. There is a saying that our earth has more viruses than the stars in the universe. Therefore, we need to take charge in our hands to minimize our risks of inviting another pandemic.

Practicing healthy hand hygiene is the key to warding off germs and infections and stopping their spread further. Hand hygiene is the most important, yet most ignored, and a narrow focus on it can be a game changer for your overall health.

Therefore, October 15 is celebrated as Global Handwashing Day or National Handwashing Day to remind people how important it is to maintain hand hygiene for health. So, wash those germs or bugs off your hands right away. The day serves as a yearly reminder that we can control infections and the spread of germs by practicing good hand hygiene. Besides preventing you from being the spreader, it comes with several benefits, like:

  • Appropriate handwashing is crucial to eliminate all the bacteria or diseases causing germs off our hands.
  • It also helps break the cycle and stop the spread of even the most contagious diseases from one person to another effectively and effortlessly.
  • Reduce stomach and respiratory-related illnesses, especially among children, and keep them healthy.
  • Handwashing can minimize the odds of giving entry to germs or microbes in your body.
  • Reduce the dependency on antibiotics and help combat antibiotic resistance.

“Wash Your Hands” is perhaps the most crucial thing that every one of us should understand well. It sounds basic but has a significant role in keeping several diseases at bay like:

  • Diarrhea: Poor sanitary conditions and lack of hygiene are the culprits causing Diarrhea. It is also one of the leading causes of death among children under five. Adopting healthy hand hygiene is the key to stamping out the disease.
  • The Flu: Seasonal flu is common, yet catastrophic if not handled in time. With healthy hand hygiene practices, it becomes convenient to avoid most of the seasonal flu, cold and infectious diseases to a possible extent. Handwashing can reduce influenza transmission and minimizes your risk of getting sick.
  • Coronavirus: Undoubtedly, the pandemic has taught us the value of healthy and hygienic hands. It is the best defense against the virus that minimizes our risks of getting caught by it. Hence, it should be adopted to stop the spread and ensure better protection against viruses like coronavirus.
  • Hepatitis A: Hepatitis A can harm your health by causing gastrointestinal problems, jaundice, fever, and fatigue. It is very contagious and spread via poor hand hygiene and a close connection with an infected person. Washing your hands and maintaining healthy hand hygiene can decrease your risks and rates of transmission and is a key to healthy living.

Most germs get access to our bodies via dirty or contaminated hands. We must follow ethical handwashing practices to prevent or minimize our risks of getting infected or sick.

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Good health is your most loyal friend that can never defeat you, and keeping this friendship intact is in your hands. Always remember that clean hands can save lives. So, take Hand Washing Day or World Hand Wash Day as an opportunity to spread the word to the world and unite for universal hand hygiene.

Take care of your hands and hygiene today; it will add to your health and life tomorrow. Happy Global Handwashing Day!


For the past six years, Komal Daryani has been writing healthcare-related articles for multiple websites with the sole purpose of answering the queries of the readers precisely. She possesses a vast knowledge of the need for preventive health checkups and different measures to adopt in your routine for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her passion lies in reading the latest research, studies, and revelations in science and technology. Not only does she enhance her knowledge base regularly, but she keeps sharing the same with her readers to keep them close to clinical and medical realities.

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