KFT Test - When Do You Need It And Why?

Kidneys, the fist-sized and bean-shaped organs, are responsible for performing varied functions. From removing waste and excess fluid to regulating blood pressure and producing red blood cells and vitamin D in the body, your kidney does much more than you know. Any interruption in kidney functions can disturb your health.

Kidney Is Important Because:

  • Regulate Water: The kidney helps keep the correct amount of water and salts in your body to maintain a healthy chemical balance.
  • Eliminate Waste: These bean-shaped organs are also crucial to filter out toxins from your body to promote better functioning and health.
  • Control Blood Pressure: The kidney is paramount for managing changes in blood pressure and preventing it from hitting a dangerous spot.

Not just this, it takes responsibility for several other body functions. It is almost impossible to live with improper kidney functions, and therefore, its healthy functioning is necessary. However, today’s sedentary lifestyle negatively impacts overall health and upsets the normal functioning of multiple organs, including the kidneys.

Habits Hurting The Kidney Include:

  • Excess Of Salt: You might love extra salty food, but your kidney doesn’t. The frequent use of salt in excess increases blood pressure and accelerates kidney damage. Therefore, no matter how much salty food lover you are, keep the quantity in mind and use it appropriately.
  • Too Much Protein: There is an old saying that fits right here, too much of anything is bad for you, especially your health. It is also the case with protein in your diet. It is the building block of your muscles and is significant for fitness, but if taken in more than the required quantity, it can worsen the functioning of kidneys in people with underlying kidney disease.
  • Smoking: Smoking causes serious harm to the health and can worsen the functioning of the kidneys, and it can also interfere with the medicines used to treat kidney diseases. So, if you do smoke or are exposed to secondhand smoke, you are knowingly or unknowingly hurting your kidneys.
  • Not Drinking Enough Of Water: Hydration is essential for health, and water is a healthy fluid that your kidneys need to flush out toxins and keep kidney health intact. So, if you are not keeping yourself hydrated, you are more at risk of developing kidney diseases.
  • Overuse Of Painkillers: Using over-the-counter painkillers or other supplements, in the long run, can negatively impact its health and functioning. Therefore, always use the prescribed medicine, and if there are any side effects, discuss them with your doctors.

Other than that, not getting proper sleep, following an inactive lifestyle, eating too much sugar, and overconsumption of processed food are some factors that could hurt the functioning of your kidneys. So, to avoid the damage, it is essential to switch to a kidney-friendly lifestyle to save it against illnesses and improve the overall quality of life. Besides a healthy diet and active lifestyle, other preventive measures like routine kidney function screening are equally important.

Make Routine Kidney Function Test A Habit For Its Health

Routine Kidney Checkups can help your healthcare professional know the current situation of your kidney. If you have symptoms related to kidney failure or kidney disease, your doctor may prescribe Kidney Function Test to get an insight into their functioning. Your doctor may also suggest this test as a routine checkup to analyze how well your kidneys work and what preventive care is required.

If you have questions about the test, like what it is for and why you need it, this blog has the answer to your queries. So, let’s get started with the basics.

Kidney Function Test – What Is It?

Kidney Function Tests are a group of urine or blood tests that help evaluate kidney functions. It is the part of your routine health checkup that helps diagnose conditions affecting normal kidney functions and monitors the efficacy of the treatment.

Is Your Kidney Happy Or Hurt?

The KFT test is essential, but how to know when you need it? Being attentive to your health is the key to taking action in time. Look for any unusual sign or symptom indicating that something is not right with your kidney, like:

  • Difficulty Passing Urine: If you are experiencing pain or a burning sensation while peeing or have a problem passing the urine, it could be a sign that your kidney is not working well and need some help. Discuss the condition with a doctor and, if advised, go for a proper diagnosis to find the root cause of the problem.
  • Blood In The Urine: It is not so common and can happen due to infections and kidney diseases. Therefore, if you spot blood in the urine, do not take it lightly and seek immediate medical assistance.
  • Passing Foamy Urine: Foamy urine is one of the signs that you might have too much protein in your urine, which could indicate kidney disease. It can be an early sign of something severe. Take it seriously and get immediate medical assistance.
  • Bad Breathe: Oral problems or bad breath is one of the significant signs that help detect the problem with the kidneys.

Your doctor may look for these early signs and prescribe the Kidney Function Blood Test based on your symptoms or condition. Even if there is no sign of improper kidney functioning, this test is prescribed to patients with underlying conditions, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Family history of kidney disease

Timely screening is essential because:

  • Diagnose The Disease Early: Besides evaluating the functioning of your kidneys, the KFT test can also diagnose any disease that could harm your kidney in the long run. It helps detect several kidney diseases at their earliest stage possible.
  • Help Avoid Severity: If the disease gets diagnosed early, it helps the doctors prescribe the correct course of treatment in time, making the symptoms manageable to avoid reaching the severe stage.

Early diagnosis is essential to prevent the condition from becoming chronic and help you stay healthy. If you are looking for a trusted diagnostic partner to book Kidney Function Test in Mumbai, Redcliffe Labs has got you. Being India’s fastest-emerging diagnostic centre with advanced resources and skilled lab professionals, we work on our toes to ensure that our customers get an excellent diagnostic experience.

We offer Kft Test in Mumbai comprised of 10 tests @ just Rs 399. Also called Renal Function Test or RFT, it diagnoses or rules out kidney infections.

Evaluate Your Kidney Functions For Good Health!

Your kidneys are vital for healthy living or living in the first place. Make routine kidney health screening a part of your life to track kidney health and avoid possible health threats. You are ultimately responsible for your health, so make sure you take the right decision, as one wrong choice can hurt your health and put you at risk. So, pay attention to it for anything and work to improve it.


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