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A human body is just WOW, and every part of it is no less of a miracle. The kidney is crucial among all the organs that keep us moving and alive. Besides filtering toxins from the body, eliminating waste, making urine, and purifying the blood, your kidneys have a significant role in keeping you alive. However, certain factors or lifestyle behaviors can influence its functioning and put health at stake. Among all the functions, removing creatinine, a form of substance, is a critical one. As long as your kidneys are filtering it out of your body, it is no problem, but if they stop the process, it indicates some damage or problems.

Therefore, doctors often suggest a Creatinine Test to people showing symptoms of kidney disease. The test helps measure Creatinine levels in the blood and analyze how well your kidneys work.

Creatinine Test

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Reasons You May Need Creatinine Level Test:

  • Underlying conditions like diabetes or blood pressure increase one’s risk of developing kidney disease. Therefore, if you have such a condition, your healthcare professional may suggest Creatinine Test diagnose the problem and confirm the cause.
  • Moreover, Creatinine Level Test is recommended for patients with symptoms of kidney disease. It helps evaluate the kidney’s functioning and determine abnormalities (if any).
  • The test is also suggested to patients undergoing kidney treatment to monitor how well the treatment responds and if any alterations are required.
  • Creatinine Test is also helpful in monitoring the progress of the disease to suggest the correct course of action accordingly.
  • Your doctors may carefully observe your symptoms, and if they detect anything out of the blue, they will suggest a Creatinine Test.

What are the signs your kidney sends when something is not right with it? Find it here:

Signs That Your Kidneys Are Not Healthy And Screaming For Help:

Your kidneys send signals that something is not right and needs immediate attention. Such signs you need to pay attention to are:

  • Fatigue: If you are more tired or feeling less energetic throughout the day, despite taking proper rest, it could be a sign that something is not right with your filters, your kidneys. When your kidney doesn’t function well, it can lead to the build-up of toxins in your blood, which can make you feel exhausted all the time.
  • Loss Of Appetite: The onset of kidney disease can influence your sense of taste and suppresses appetite, which may lead to appetite loss. So, if it is too frequent, getting tested should be your priority to confirm the cause.
  • Frequent And Painful Urination: The urge to urinate more or pain during urination could indicate that something is not right with your kidney and may need immediate attention. Kidneys have a crucial role in making urine, and Kidney disease or damage can increase the urge to urinate, especially at night.
  • Foamy Or Bloody Urine: The color of your urine says a lot about your kidney health. If you ever find blood spots or extra bubbles in your urine, it is a sign that your kidney is in danger, and it’s time to act.
  • Swollen Ankles & Feet: Damaged kidney can cause unusual swelling in the ankles & feet. However, it could also be because of other health issues. Therefore, getting tested is essential to confirm the cause and take preventive measures.
  • Muscle Cramps: Muscle cramping is okay if it is once in a while, but if it is too frequent and causes intense pain, you should get your kidneys tested. It could be a sign of kidney disease.

Any problem with your kidney can influence your Creatinine levels, and your doctor may suggest Creatinine Level Test to determine whether your Creatinine is within range. Now the question is, what impacts Creatinine levels? The reason is not just one or two, but even more, which we have jotted down here.

Tips To Lower Creatinine Levels

Possible Cause That Increase Creatinine Levels Are:

  • Kidney Infection
  • Kidney Stones
  • Kidney Failure
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure

Besides the underlying health conditions, some other factors can also contribute to elevated Creatinine levels, such as:

  • Consuming a large amount of protein
  • High-intensity exercises
  • Certain medicines
  • Dehydration
  • Pregnancy

The reason could be anything, but high Creatinine levels are unhealthy and can lead to severe problems if not addressed in time. Therefore, getting tested is essential to act upon them.

Measure, Monitor & Manage Creatinine Levels With Creatinine Blood Test:

A Creatinine Test can measure Creatinine levels in the blood, and if the levels are not within the range, it indicates something is not right with your kidneys. But what exactly is the normal Creatinine range? You must be wondering the same – right? Don’t worry; find it here below.

Creatinine Test Normal Range –

Elevated Creatinine Levels than Normal Creatinine Range indicate poor kidney health. And it can vary with age, gender, cause of the spike, the severity of the condition, and other factors. However, in general:

  • Creatinine Test normal range for men = 0.74 to 1.35 mg/dL
  • Creatinine Test normal range for women = 0.59 to 1.04 mg/dL

If your levels surpass this standard range, it can lead to various health problems. And your healthcare professional may use these test reports and suggest additional tests (if required) to confirm the cause and prescribe the correct course of action for your good health.

The earlier this spike in creatinine level is diagnosed, the better. It helps your healthcare professionals alter your lifestyle, suggests dietary changes, and prescribes the treatment to bring the creatinine levels back to normal, control the damage, and sidestep complications.

Say No To Delay, Yes To Diagnosis

Timely diagnosis can turn the table around! The test may help you detect kidney diseases at their onset stage. It allows you to take charge and drive your health in the right direction for positive outcomes.

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The health of your kidney matters the most! Without these filters, it is impossible to live. So do not take it for granted and get tested in time. Only you are responsible for your good health. Take it seriously and book a test.


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    Shahid Khan
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    what should one eat when creatinine levels are high?

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      March 14, 2023 at 2:52 pm

      Hi Sahid,

      In vegetable you can eat Carrot, Onion, Cabbage. In fruits you can have Pineapple, Apple, Papaya, Peach. You can eat white rice, Pasta, Arhar dal, Toor dal, & Wheat products.

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