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TB is Preventable & Curable: Steps Individuals & Communities Can Seek to Reduce the Risk of Infection


Medically Reviewed By
Dr Divya Rohra

Written By Komal Daryani
on Mar 27, 2023

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on Mar 12, 2024


TB is an age-old disease and still prevails. Only awareness and the relevant actions together can Prevent TB to End TB. 

As of date, India accounts for approximately one-fourth of the TB cases worldwide. While the global mission to eradicate TB is by 2030, the Indian government in 2017 announced an aim to end TB by 2025. If we can end TB by 2025, We Can Make History. 

Tuberculosis is an age-old prevailing health disorder and is still one of the serious health concerns today. To stop the spread and get over TB, it is essential to control its spread in the first place. 

Well, How Is It Possible?

The only answer is awareness and education to take the right step at the right time. 

Let’s catch a good read of the article, acknowledge the Tuberculosis facts, show empathy, not sympathy, to the ones suffering from TB, and take all the steps to make this world free from TB.

What is TB?

TB, or Tuberculosis, is a contagious disease spread by the bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis and infects the lungs. If the proper steps are not taken to diagnose and treat the health issue on time, it may spread from one person to another, making the health conditions more severe. 

The more the spread of disease, the lesser the control for its complete eradication. 

Now, The Question Arises:

How Does The TB Spread?

TB can be spread through the air. When a person with TB-infected lungs coughs or sneezes in the air without proper precautions, the active TB germs can infect other people inhaling the air. Moreover, these germs can spread and multiply at a greater rate. 

So, as the responsible part of the community, each one must take steps to control TB spread.

 Necessary Steps to Stop The Spread of TB:

Step 1: Take the Health Test Immediately

If you have symptoms of Tuberculosis, book a health test without delay. You should not be ignorant of the signs and symptoms of Tuberculosis because it will impact your health and others around you. The earlier diagnosis is the first step to ending the spread and ending tuberculosis. So it is essential to seek both preventive and curable measures. 

Step 2: Stay Isolated

If you suffer from TB, it is recommended to stay away from crowded places and away from other people, and it is applicable even if you are at home. Take a separate room, don’t eat with other family members, wear a mask and cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. 

This should be practiced as long as you are infectious. Only you can save your family and friends from being infected if you take proper precautions by realizing your responsibility.

Step 3: Start The Treatment at The Earliest

For active TB patients, doctors generally prescribe medicines, and the treatment might last as long as 6 to 12 months. Please ensure that you take the complete dosage and do not skip the medications. Follow all the instructions shared by the clinician for precise management.

Step 4: Stay in Touch With Your Doctor and Complete the Treatment:

The doctors often recommend getting tested after a specific period. So, if you have relief from your symptoms, don't give up on your treatment and medications immediately. Complete your course for a defined timeline, seek a diagnosis, and then consult with your doctor. If the doctor recommends stopping the treatment and confirms you have overcome TB, then it is fine to get back to your usual routine.

Step 5: Sanitize, Wash, and Maintain Your Hygiene:

Germs can spread only when they are left untreated. So, ensure that you keep sanitizing and washing your hands after sneezing and coughing. Also, wear fresh clothes every day. Wash your used clothes and utensils properly; it is recommended to sterilize everything of your use, and do not allow others to touch or use your belongings.

Step 6: Improve Your Lifestyle Habits:

Lifestyle habits like improper diet, junk oily food, alcohol consumption, and smoking can make your condition worse and will not allow you to beat TB with ease. So, once you are diagnosed with TB make sure you decide to defeat and overcome this fatal health disorder. 

Not improving your habits may further make your condition worse and TB management difficult. 

People Who Are More Susceptible To Catch Tuberculosis:

People with weaker immunity are more likely to get infected with TB germs. Apart from that, some of the other traits that reflect that you should get diagnosed with Tuberculosis are defined as follows:

  • If someone has HIV/AIDS 
  • The person who recovered from TB in the past two years 
  • People who consume illegal and prescribed drugs 
  • People with older age, 50 and above 
  • Someone who has not completed TB Treatment in the past 
  • Young ones with skipped immunization 
  • People with medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, and relatively lower weight conditions.

Prevent TB to End TB. Yes! We Can End TB.

All the nations are together in the global fight against tuberculosis and making efforts to End TB, but neither WHO nor any government of any nation can make it possible unless we the people stand by them to stop the spread of tuberculosis.

So, let's stop spreading awareness and seeking pledges only on World Tuberculosis Day; if we wish to end TB we should fight against this age-old disease together every single day. The strength lies in unity, and together we can end TB.

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