High Creatinine Level Causes Symptoms

Are your creatinine levels too high?

Produced by muscles and removed through the kidneys, Creatinine is a waste product that reveals kidney health. As long as your kidneys are healthy, they will filter this waste product out of your blood through urine. However, comprised kidneys fail to eliminate the Creatinine properly and increase its accumulation in the blood, which can lead to several complications.

Elevated Creatinine Levels indicate potential trouble with kidneys, if not addressed timely, can lead to infection or other complicated conditions. Measuring Creatinine Levels is crucial for reviewing your kidney function. Understanding abnormal Creatinine is essential to take appropriate actions in time. We’ve covered everything you need to know about High Creatinine causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

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All You Need To Know About Creatinine Levels:

Detected in both blood & urine, Creatinine is a substance or a waste product that muscles produce because of wear and tear or aging. And their levels vary in individuals based on age, gender, & muscle buildup of the person. Neither low nor high Creatinine levels are good for health and mean extreme health ailments. So, measuring the levels in time is integral to making the situation manageable. Low and high creatinine both have their causes and consequences, and today, in this article, we are discussing all High Creatinine Levels so one can commence preventive measures in time.

Did you know?

Creatinine above 1.2 for women & 1.4 for men may be a warning sign of kidney problems.

Causes Of High Creatinine Levels:

We are talking about High Creatinine Levels and how they exhibit chronic kidney problems. The question is not what they imply but what increases the levels. Usually, the causes could be:

  • Kidney Disease: Yes, Chronic Kidney Disease, aka CKD, is the most common reason that elevates Creatinine levels. And diabetes, high blood pressure, glomerulonephritis, kidney stones, and kidney infections are some of the most common culprits behind the cause.
  • Dehydration: Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, another common cause of the temporary increase in Creatinine levels. The water in the body dilutes it well and helps it get out through urine, and dehydration can affect it and increase its accumulation.
  • Rhabdomyolysis: Being a rare muscle injury, Rhabdomyolysis is a condition in which your muscles break down, release a high amount of creatinine into the bloodstream, and can result in permanent disability if not addressed in time.
  • High-Protein Diet: Yes, what you eat can also influence your creatinine levels, especially if you are on a high-protein diet. Therefore, keep a watch on it to balance the levels and improve health.
  • Kidney Obstruction: This obstruction can lead to severe complications, and a spike in creatinine levels is one of them.
  • Thyroid Disorders: True! Some thyroid disorders can even impact your creatinine levels and worsen the condition.
  • Certain Medications: Not just a medical condition, but some medications can also increase Creatinine levels.

It is essential to understand that there can be other reasons than kidney disease, which can influence creatinine levels. Further evaluation is vital to specify the root cause of the problem, begin the treatment, take preventive measures, and control the condition before it reaches the catastrophic stage. The reason could be anything, but the point is that it is not acceptable for your health and can lead to several problems. So, identifying this elevated level as early as possible is vital. But what signs our body gives that creatinine levels are not normal?

Symptoms Of High Creatinine Levels:

Before proceeding with the symptoms, understand that elevated creatinine does not always cause symptoms. However, as the disease progresses, some symptoms become evident. Such signs to look careful of are:

  • Unexplained exhaustion
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Swelling or edema
  • Cramps in the muscles
  • Loss of appetite
  • Changes in urination frequency
  • Chest pain & discomfort
  • High blood pressure
  • Mental confusion

The symptoms are too common and occur in other conditions too. Thus, besides waiting for the disease to become fatal, discuss the illness with your health care professional and get yourself screened professionally.

Early Diagnosis Can Turn The Table – Here’s How

  • Help Determine Health Condition: High Creatinine Levels indicate something is happening out of the blue. If diagnosed initially, managing it with minimal complications will be possible. It gives your doctors an insight into the condition to initiate the therapy before the eleventh hour.
  • Prevents Kidney Condition From Worsening: The earlier diagnosis helps find the cause of high creatinine levels. And if it happens to be because of kidney disease, it helps the doctors to suggest the treatment to control the damage.
  • Initiates Early Treatment: Early diagnosis can make early treatment possible. It enables doctors to suggest lifestyle, diet, changes in medication, and other interventions that improve the outcomes and prevent severities.
  • Increases Recovery Chances: Early intervention can speed up your recovery rate and help you manage the condition before things turn ugly.

Timely diagnosis and timely treatment can ease the symptoms and improve the quality of life for those affected. So, if you are experiencing any symptoms associated with elevated creatinine levels, consult your healthcare professional and go for early screening as suggested.

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High Creatinine Levels Are Not Healthy

To make the long story short, High Creatinine Levels are not adequate for kidneys and overall health and can be upsetting in the long run. So, take them seriously, and consider timely screening to fix the problem promptly while hastening the recovery.


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