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H3N2 Influenza Symptoms & Treatment: All You Need To Know


H3N2 Influenza Symptoms & Treatment: All You Need To Know


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Dr. Ragiinii Sharma

Written By Meenakshi
on Mar 14, 2023

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on Apr 17, 2024

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H3N2 Influenza Virus – is another pandemic approaching?

According to a recent study of ICMR, several parts of the country have seen a sudden uptick in cold, cough & fever, and is believed to be linked with H3N2 influenza cases. A couple of deaths reported in the country are raising serious concerns. The health ministry has confirmed that the virus is contagious but seasonal. And it is advised for one and all to mask up to keep themselves and others protected. Everyone needs to understand that situation calls for precautions and not panic. Hence, having all the information about the virus, symptoms, & risk factors, and treatment options available is essential to take the correct course of action.

So, let’s start with what is an H3N2 influenza virus.

Classified into different subtypes depending on the combination of proteins on the virus surface, H3N2 influenza is not a new virus. It is a respiratory disease that causes several respiratory-related issues among individuals. However, it is a seasonal virus that knocks on the door every year and eventually goes away. The sudden drop in the temperature is the culprit behind the rapid spread. It usually causes a fever that lasts for a few days and causes prolonged cough & cold for up to weeks. The disease is mild but can lead to complications and death if left unaddressed. So, if you or anyone in your known experiencing influenza symptoms, get tested in time to control the condition.

Now the question is how to identify its early symptoms, as most of them are similar to other common conditions. The answer is right here;

Severe H3N2 Influenza Symptoms To Look Out For:

  • Difficulty Breathing: It is a respiratory infection, so one of the most common symptoms of the H3N2 influenza virus is shortness of breath. The onset of pneumonia may start respiratory complications in patients.
  • Nausea & Vomiting: Another common symptom an infected individual might experience is severe or persistent vomiting.
  • Body Aches: If you are experiencing unusual aches in different body signs coupled with other symptoms, it could be because of the H3N2 influenza. Getting tested in time is essential to identify the virus early and take precautions.
  • Persistent Cough: The virus majorly impacts your respiratory system, causing problems in breathing and a severe cough that lasts up to 3 weeks or so.
  • Headache: Not just body aches, frequent headaches you are experiencing these days may also be a sign that something in your body needs your attention.
  • Diarrhea: People infected with H3N2 influenza also complain about diarrhea and dehydration.
  • High Fever: High fever persisting for more than three days is another common sign indicating the H3N2 influenza virus and calls for immediate testing to avoid severities.
  • Extreme Fatigue: Constant lethargy is another common sign indicating to H3N2 influenza virus. It is said that an infected individual is more likely to experience exhaustion or weakness.
  • Sudden Chest Pain: Unusual pain or pressure in the chest can also be due to respiratory complications caused due to this infection.

All the symptoms mentioned above are common in several other conditions too, which might create confusion and delay the diagnosis and access to treatment. Therefore, no matter how small or common the sign you may think it is, do not wait for the disease to take over your health. Seek medical attention before the eleventh hour to ease the symptoms, prevent complications, and speed up recovery.

H3N2 Influenza Virus – Groups At Higher Risk:

H3N2 influenza is a contagious virus, and anyone not taking precautions can catch it. However, among all, certain people groups who are at higher risk than others are:

  • Elderly people over the age of 60 and more
  • People with underlying chronic conditions
  • With current respiratory diseases
  • Young children
  • Pregnant women
  • People in the medical field or a health worker
  • Or any other individual with low immunity or underlying immunity-related disease is at risk.

H3N2 influenza – Contagious Or Non-Contagious

The H3N2 influenza virus is very contagious and transfers from one person to another via air or droplets of people when they sneeze, cough, or talk. It spreads so easily and quickly. Hence, everyone should take all possible precautions to obtain treatment in time and sidestep complications.

H3N2 influenza & COVID – Find The Relation

This influenza is replicating symptoms of COVID, and therefore, people are skeptical about both infections. It is essential for everyone to understand that there might be some similarities between these two viruses, but is distinct. Both affect the respiratory system with similar symptoms but are from different virus families. COVID is caused due to SARS-CoV-2 Virus, while H3N2 is a subtype of influenza virus.

H3N2 Influenza – Treatment

Your healthcare professionals may observe all your symptoms to understand the severity of the condition and prescribe the treatment accordingly. Besides, everyone should take proper precautions to avoid catching the virus.

Common Precautionary Tips Everyone Should Follow Are:

  • Maintain proper hygiene
  • Wash hands frequently or use sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your face & nose over and over again
  • Mask up, especially in crowded places
  • Keep your mouth & nose while coughing & sneezing
  • Stay hydrated and eat well
  • Maintain social distance
  • Avoid spitting in the public
  • Take all your medications on time as prescribed by your healthcare professional.

The sudden spike in the H3N2 influenza virus cases has triggered a new wave of panic among people. However, it is crucial to understand that, if addressed in time, the symptoms can be alleviated. Hence, everyone should take all the precautions, and if experiencing anything unusual, get tested in time.

Take Control Of The Condition With Early Diagnosis

The H3N2 influenza virus can be detected through throat & nasal swabs. The earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it will be to get control of the condition and manage complications. Thus, timely diagnosis is essential to minimize the probability of the virus turning ugly.

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Taking risks in life is good for growth, but not when it comes to health. Health comes first, and everything else can wait! So, take all the preventive measures to overcome hurdles hurting your health.

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