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Green Apple Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health

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Green Apple Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health


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Dr Sohini Sengupta

Written By Meenakshi
on Apr 1, 2024

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on Apr 26, 2024

Green Apple Benefits

“An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.” Nearly every second person may have heard this from their parents, elders, or teachers or read it in their books. It is a true fact. When you shop for Apples, or someone offers you a Red Apple, you almost buy or eat it.

But have you ever heard about the Green Apple?


Don’t worry, you are not alone.

It is not your fault. There is not as much buzz about Green Apples as about Red Apples.

So, what are they? How are they different? And why you should give them a try?

We’ve got all the answers to your questions right here in the blog. So, get a cup of coffee, sit comfortably, and keep scrolling to learn more about the new buzz in the town.

What is it?

It is just another variety of apple with a green skin and a sweet and sour taste. Being a hybrid fruit developed by combining two different species of apple, Green Apple has bioactive compounds and flavonoids in a very good amount than other varieties.

Let’s all dig into its nutritional value:




50 kcal


0.44 g


20.8 g


5 mg


0.15 mg


5 mg


12 mg


0.04 mg


95 kcal


0.3 g


25 g

Vitamin C

8..4 mg

This is the general nutritional value of green apples, which may vary from variety to variety. But the point is that they have good nutritional value and should be in our diet.

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So, they hold good nutritional content, but how safe are they? Can one consume them daily? What other benefits than health did it offer?

Yes, yes, you must have tons of questions running in your mind. Worry not, as we’ve got all the answers here.

Scroll Down!

Did you know

Health Benefits Of Green Apple:

Promotes Healthy Digestion:

If your stomach stays upset more than your mood, it begs your attention. Do you know that a green apple daily can help?

They contain dietary fiber that stimulates the digestive system and helps ease both constipation and diarrhea.

Moreover, according to the studies, pectin is found in green apples and supports the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. This bacteria helps break down foods more efficiently, supporting digestive health, promoting regular bowel movements, and preventing constipation to some extent.

Summary: They are very gut-friendly, which keeps your gut and overall digestive health in check, and must be in your diet, especially if you often complain of an upset stomach.

Aids In Your Weight Loss Journey:

Almost every second person is looking for one or another way to be in the best shape possible and maybe shed some pounds. Today's generation is so obsessed with weight loss that they often buy products that claim to help weight loss but end up hurting their health in the wrong way.

If you, too, want to shed some extra pounds, you should add Green Apples to your diet. According to some studies, eating green apples, due to their high fiber and watery content, makes you feel fuller for longer, reduces cravings, and prevents overeating, which helps with weight management.

Summary: They contain polyphenols, which have anti-obesity effects and can be your true ally in your weight loss journey.

Protect Your Heart:

Green Apples are packed with plenty of Potassium, and this mineral can do wonders for your heart health. It can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of stroke, and contribute to overall healthy cardiovascular functioning.

Another major factor that makes it a healthy choice for your heart is the presence of soluble fiber, which lowers the chances of heart disease and stroke.

Summary: Green Apples proved fruitful for keeping your ticker ticking. Their regular consumption can support healthy heart functioning in many ways.

Lower Chances Of Type 2 Diabetes:

Some studies claim that eating green apples and pears is linked to a reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 18%. Thanks to the soluble fiber in green apples, they help slow down blood sugar consumption, prevent sudden spikes, and help with effective management of the condition.

However, more research is required on the topic, and therefore, if you are diabetic, you should better discuss its consumption with your healthcare provider. Its impact may vary for every individual, depending on their age, health, symptoms, medical history, and more.

Summary: Green Apples are largely linked to lowering the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes due to their polyphenol content.

Helps With Detoxification:

Green apple juice is packed with fiber and is considered a natural detoxifier for the kidney, liver, and digestive systems. It frees your body from toxins and other harmful elements that could otherwise take a toll on your health. Moreover, it eases digestive discomfort and helps cut down the risk of colon cancer.

Summary: It can support detoxification and improve the liver, kidney, and overall health.

If you want to take your health to new heights, you should better give them a try. Their taste is different than usual red apples and can add to your health in many ways.

But wait, this is not over. Their benefits are not only limited to health; their consumption can also contribute to glowing skin and healthy hair.

Read on to find out how.

Benefits Of Green Apple For Skin:

Fights Signs Of Aging:

Green Apples are full of antioxidant Vitamin C, which diligently combats the aging process by managing oxidative stress and rebuilding cells. It can help reduce the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Oxidative stress usually results from an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to counteract their harmful effects. It has often been linked with numerous chronic illnesses. Green apples can neutralize these harmful free radicals, helping combat oxidative stress and reducing the risk of several chronic illnesses, like Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer's, and more.

Improves Skin Texture:

Due to the dense vitamin and hydrating content of Green Apples, they can deeply nourish and moisturize your skin. A glass of Apple Juice can improve your skin's hydration and give it a collagen and elastic boost, which in turn nourishes and heals the skin from deep within.

Control & Prevents Pimples:

Pimples on the skin are a universal problem, and people are ready to try almost anything to get rid of them or prevent their formation. And what if we say the solution to prevent and control these pesky pimples is right in your kitchen? No, we are not kidding. Green Apples are usually considered effective for anti-acne treatment, and their regular consumption can control and prevent their eruptions.

Eliminates Dark Circles:

No one likes puffiness and dark colors around their eyes. It not only looks bad but is also considered one of the signs that your skin is getting older and is not cared for enough. But do you know one single ingredient can magically wipe them? No, we are serious here as we are talking about the green apple. Their consumption, as well as topical application, can both have a positive impact on the problem and give desirable changes.

So, if you, too, want glowing, radiating skin that will make everyone around you jealous enough to ask you about your beauty secret, you should add the goodness of green apples to your diet.

Wait, wait. The benefits it has on your hair have yet to be discussed. Take a look below and then decide on your own.

Green Apple Benefits For Your Hair:

Promotes Hair Growth:

Nowadays, thanks to the stress and sedentary lifestyle, almost everyone is pissed off about hair fall or hair loss. If you, too, want to boost hair growth for healthy hair, give Green Apple a sure-shot try.


  • It is a good source of Vitamin C, which helps with the production of collagen, which is essential for hair follicle development.
  • Besides, it provides necessary nutrients to hair follicles that promote their growth.

Keeps Scalp Healthy:

If you, too, have an itchy or dry scalp, you should make Green Apple your ally.


  • The green apple contains natural fruit acids, which remove the build-up on the hair and scalp, leaving the scalp healthy.
  • Their topical application can fight flakes and invigorate hair and scalp.

So, you had better make a pact with Green Apple for long, shiny, and healthy-looking hair.

How to select and store green apples?

Additional Tips To Use Green Apples For Health, Hair And Skin:

For Health:

  • Consume directly.
  • Add in your fruit salad or smoothie.
  • Go for green apple juice.

For Hair:

  • Use Green Apple Juice with water to get a mixture to rinse your hair.
  • Blend it with other ingredients like honey or coconut oil and apply it to the scalp.

For Skin:

  • Blend it with honey, yogurt, or other skin-friendly options that can go well with it to make a paste and apply it to the skin.
  • You can simply blend it with water and apply the paste to the face.

Important Note: While these are some of the best ways to get most of the Green Apple, their results and impact on your health, hair, and skin may vary. Therefore, to avoid adverse outcomes, it is highly advisable to consult a healthcare provider and consider a patch test before applying it to skin or hair.

Moreover, if you think you are allergic to green apples or feel any discomfort after eating or drinking green apple juice, seek immediate medical assistance. Your doctor may suggest an Apple Allergy Test to determine the cause of your symptoms. Get it done with Redcliffe Labs.

To Conclude:

To cut a long story short, it is not wrong to say that Green Apples must be part of your diet and skin and hair care routine, and for good reasons.

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