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Type 2 diabetes - Its symptoms and causes


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Written By Prekshi Garg
on Jun 1, 2022

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Type 2 diabetes Symptoms and causes

Imagine you’re making tea, and instead of using a filter, you pour the entire concoction into your cup. Would you drink the tea? No, right? Our kidneys function the same way as our body. It facilitates the filtration process within the human body. Kidneys work on straining away the waste materials through urine production. 

Your kidneys consist of these glomeruli micro-filters, which are responsible for this crucial filtration process. When the kidneys are not able to work properly, it means that the glomeruli are affected. When this happens, your doctor will suggest you get a Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) test done.

What is the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) test?

The glomerular's inability to filter out waste or toxins may cause the kidneys' subpar function, which illnesses, lifestyle choices, or other factors can bring on. The GFR test measures the amount of blood that the kidney can filter in a minute, which aids in the detection and evaluation of possible illnesses. 

To measure the creatinine in your urine, your doctor will request a sample from you. Muscle cells produce creatinine, which is then eliminated as waste. On the other hand, elevated creatinine levels in your urine could indicate a malfunctioning kidney.

What is the Glomerular Filtration Test used for? 

  • Effectively determine whether chronic kidney disease is present, even without symptoms.
  • Assess the degree of severity related to the kidney illness.
  • Make appropriate modifications to the treatment plan for patients with long-term kidney problems.
  • Suggest drugs with negligible negative effects on kidney function.
  • Prioritize kidney health assessment before beginning any intervention.

Why does anyone need a GFR Test? 

GFR test helps in monitoring your kidney health. You may not feel symptoms, but GFR helps identify dormant kidney abnormalities. People undergoing this test can identify the presence of any potential kidney diseases that may creep up in the future. 

A GFR test is performed if an individual is:

  • Having diabetes
  • Has hypertension
  • Having a past medical history of heart disease, blood pressure, or diabetes
  • Older than fifty years of age
  • Smoking frequently
  • Overweight

Furthermore, in case you are suffering from a chronic kidney disease in its advanced stages, you might notice the appearance of extra symptoms.

  • Prolonged inflammation in the hands, feet, ankles, and face.
  • Stronger need to urinate
  • Dry, scaly, or itchy skin
  • Persistent exhaustion
  • Cramps in the muscles
  • Constant nausea or vomiting
  • Appetite loss

GFR Results and Their Meaning

If your GFR value is low, it indicates a problem with your kidneys. Your GFR levels will tell your doctor the extent of kidney impairment, facilitating an accurate diagnosis. 

Causes of low GFR: 

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Various types of vascular diseases
  • Inflammatory conditions like lupus
  • Polycystic kidney disease

Kidney problems mostly arise due to aging. If you're somewhere in your 60s and wondering what your GFR level is, it would be about 85 ml/min/1.73m². This is considered within the normal range for this age group. It can vary depending on overall health, medical history, and lifestyle choices.

But today, there is no guarantee that a certain disease or infection can happen only after a certain age. It is imperative to have regular check-ups, lead a healthy lifestyle, control blood pressure, and drink enough water to support optimal kidney function as you age. Contact your doctor if you notice any indications of low GFR or kidney disease symptoms. A reliable diagnostic facility must also be consulted to receive an accurate GFR blood test result.
The GFR test requires a trustworthy pathology lab like Redcliffe Labs because it's complex. We are one of the leading labs in India. For an estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) Test in Delhi, contact us.

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