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Sugar might be sweet, but its effects on your health can be bitter.

Sugar is undoubtedly the sweetest and oh-so-addictive. It might be delicious for your taste buds but dangerous for your health, especially the added sugar. An old saying is that too much of anything is good for nothing, which is the case for added sugar. Everyone loves sweets, but fueling your body with too much sugar can cause harm to your body in the form of inflammation.

If you have a sweet tooth and can’t control your sweet cravings, you might be putting your health at risk. And we have sweet reasons to help you kick your sugar habits.

Sugar and its link to inflammation in the body are no new and have been debated forever. And in this blog, we’ll try to cover everything about sugar and how it impacts your health and in which way. So, go and grab your cup of tea, settle in, and be ready to dive into the dwell of knowledge and unveil the science behind this controversy buzzing around the world of health and wellness for some time now.

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What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a natural process that occurs in the body in which the immune system identify and eliminate harmful substance and begins healing in response to an injury, infection, or tissue damage. It can be either acute or chronic, depending on the condition of an individual, and might cause redness, swelling, or warmth.

Sugar And Inflammation – How Is It Connected?

Well, some studies suggest that your eating habits, especially added sugar have a significant impact on the inflammation in the body. A diet high in refined sugar is not suitable for your health and is the primary contributor to chronic inflammation in the body. But how?

When sugar gets into our bodies, it triggers insulin release from the pancreas, and insulin helps regulate blood sugar levels. However, too much insulin in the body can lead to insulin resistance, making cells less responsive to insulin, which can trigger an inflammatory response in the body. Chronic inflammation is not suitable for your health and can put your health in trouble, as it increases your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Hence, balancing sugar intake is essential to eliminate the negative impacts.

Too Much Sugar Is Bitter For Your Health – Here’s Why?

Sugar is sweet, but its after-effects are not! It can lead to several problems, like:

  • Cause Weight Gain: Yes! Sugar has the most prominent role in making you obese. Whether you are a fan of sugary beverages or just sweets, we are sorry to break your heart, but it is the biggest contributor to obesity. Having too much sugar in your diet in any form can lead to weight gain. Hence, watch out for its quantity to keep weight in balance and health in check.
  • Put Your Heart In Danger: Your taste buds might love sugar, but your heart doesn’t. High sugar diet increases your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. And you’ll be shocked to know that “the sweet sugar” can cause heart problems and even increases your risk for heart stroke.
  • Increase Risk For Type-2 Diabetes: No studies have claimed a direct connection between sugar and diabetes. Yet, in one way or another, it contributes to your risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Excessive sugar can increase body fat and weight, indirectly increasing your risk for type-2 diabetes.
  • May Increase Your Risk For Cancer: Sugar is not on its own a cancer-causing substance, but over-consumption can lead to other problems in the body, eventually increasing your risk for cancer. Studies suggest that people on a diet high in sugar are at slightly more risk of developing cancer than those who don’t.

No, this is not it! Too much sugar can increase your risks for several health conditions, like liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, etc. It is not that sugar alone can cause the diseases mentioned above, but a leading contributor that increases your risks.

Natural Sugar Or Added Sugar – Which One Is Responsible For Causing Inflammation?

Understanding that excess sugar, whether natural or refined, is not suitable for health is essential. Hence, keeping the limit in mind is necessary to avoid consequences. However, it is equally important to know that “Natural Sugar” doesn’t cause inflammation is similarly essential. Fruits & vegetables containing natural sugar act as anti-inflammatories in many cases. Is “Dietary Sugar” or “Refined Sugar” the real culprit that causes metabolic disorders and acute to chronic inflammation in the body?

Can This Inflammation Be Controlled? Yes, And It’s Easy: Check Out The Points Below:

Don’t be sad or worried about the increased inflammation in the body. Because the good news is that it can be controlled with lifestyle changes, such as:

  • Cut-Back On Processed Foods & Drinks: The easiest and most effective way to eliminate inflammation is by limiting or eliminating the foods or beverages rich in added or refined sugar.
  • Load Up With Anti-Inflammatory Food: Good food choices reflect directly on your health. So, the key to reducing inflammation in the body is to switch to foods that help fight against inflammation.
  • Make Time To Exercise: Like food, your body also needs a daily dose of physical activity. It is an excellent way to eliminate inflammation and keep overall fitness in check.
  • Lose Weight: Obesity is one of the major contributors to inflammation. Hence, if you are dealing with the problem, shedding those extra pounds is significant to be in shape and decrease inflammation.
  • Manage Stress: Stress is another factor that adds to inflammation in the body and is unsuitable for your health. So, keep your stress managed to reduce inflammation and other health issues.

To make the long story short, the relationship between added sugar and inflammation is complex. And continually having too much sugar can lead to inflammation and several health diseases. However, more research is needed on the topic. Adding whole food and eliminating added sugar from the diet is the easiest way to support health and reduce inflammation and the risk of chronic diseases.

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