Covid Virus Trends are Difficult to Predict- Preventive Health Checks Key to Protection

The first Covid-19 virus was found in December 2019 in China, and soon it entered India in early 2020. It’s already been 3 years since we have been living with the novel coronavirus and its deadly variants. 

Before even we could enter 2023, covid variant BF.7 was ready to surprise us. Most of us have the question, will Covid be a little polite to us this year to subside completely, or do we have to live with the same year after year, accepting it as a new norm? 

How Will Pandemic Behave in 2023?

While this is the most awaited answer for all of us, at the same time truth is we have no answer to this question. Right from the emergence of Covid, scientists have been trying to come up with projections through multiple research about the extent and severity to which the virus can spread. 

However, the introduction of different virus variants, vaccination, symptoms & impact due to virus variants has made the research process & reaching any conclusion more complicated.

Well, that does not mean the prediction is impossible! So far, the average infection rate due to Covid has been approximately 1.25% or 1 in 80 people worldwide. In some places, it is high, and in others, it’s low.

The covid is still prevailing among us, and the pandemic is not yet over!

The Covid Infection Varies- Know-How?

Right since the inception of coronavirus, the infections, handling, symptoms, and death rate have varied from one place to another. It significantly depends on multiple factors like:

  • Age-group,
  • Vaccination,
  • Immunity,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Eating Habits,
  • Covid Test at the right time,
  • Precautions taken to avoid the spread.

Covid-19 has taught us multiple lessons, which is the only key to staying safe. For the future, also we need to follow the necessary precautions to avoid getting infected.

Stay Safe and Keep Your Family Safe Despite Covid-19!

By now, almost everyone has been infected with Covid. Some with mild symptoms, some with severe, and others with no symptoms at all. Well, the key to staying safe from covid variant Bf.7 in 2023 or any other in the future remains the same. 

Here are a few tips to protect yourself and your family from Covid 19.

  • Preventive Health Checkup:

Studies reveal covid could impact people with a lower immunity compared to people with strong immunity. Even if people with strong immunity got Covid infection, they could quickly recover from the same. 

So, it is recommended to book covid test for you and your family from time to time. In case of any prevailing health condition, it will be diagnosed on time, and you can avail of timely treatment. 

If you face a dilemma selecting suitable covid tests, you can check the immunity care packages and other tests for Covid-19 at Redcliffe Labs. These preventive health checkups check all your health vitals and keep you safe against any infections.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Gatherings:

The virus needs people to spread; if we break the chain, the virus mutation can be significantly controlled. It’s better not to wait for the government to restrict the gatherings; if each of us understands it as a self-accountability to be a part of a crowd, we can minimize the risk due to Covid spread. 

  • Wash Your Hands Regularly:

There are incidences where people often got covid positive without getting in contact with an infected person.

Now, you might wonder, how?

The simplest answer to the same is by touching the parcels & packets that enter the home and contain viruses. 

So, to avoid getting infected by covid or any other virus/ bacteria, it’s better to wash your hands regularly. Do not touch your nose, eyes, ears, or mouth without washing your hands. Also, wash all the fruits, vegetables, and other possible eateries properly before consuming. 

  • Wear a Mask:

When you step out of home, the chances of getting infected by the virus are higher, and it enters your body primarily through your nose/mouth. If you wear a mask, the chances of getting infected are significantly reduced. 

Also, it protects you from inhaling air pollutants that might lead to allergies and other harmful impacts of breathing in polluted air. In short, wearing a mask has no side effects, and the benefits are many. 

Making a mask a part of an essential accessory is better as you step out of the home.

  • Maintain Hygiene:

Hygiene is the key to staying away from diseases. It’s recommended to bathe regularly, and especially when you are back home from outside. Avoid wearing clothes and shoes inside the home that you use outside. 

Whenever you return home, take a shower, change, and then start with other activities. Also, ensure the proper hygiene of elders and children in your home. Train them about good and bad hygiene practices. 

  • Keep a Close Watch on Signs & Symptoms of Covid:

Every Covid variant has different signs and symptoms. However, a few, like cold, cough, fever, influenza, body ache, and loss of taste, are common. These are the same symptoms for the recent variant of the coronavirus Bf.7. If you observe any such signs in you or any of your family members, get tested immediately.

Delaying the covid tests might impact other people around you. Also, avoid going out if you have any symptoms. Stay home, get tested, and decide only after you have your negative reports with you.

If the reports are positive, stay isolated, and take medications on time after doctor consultation. 

Practice Precautions For Prevention, Until a Permanent Cure!

Covid has almost become unpredictable. While scientists are continuously on foot for research, until then, only the precautions are helpful; be it for this year, next year, or years to come. All these precautions are useful for all covid variants, be it Bf7 covid or any other. 

Also, make it a habit to book covid tests periodically for you & your family. At times, there might be no symptoms initially, but there might be complications later if timely precautions are not taken. 


For the past six years, Komal Daryani has been writing healthcare-related articles for multiple websites with the sole purpose of answering the queries of the readers precisely. She possesses a vast knowledge of the need for preventive health checkups and different measures to adopt in your routine for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her passion lies in reading the latest research, studies, and revelations in science and technology. Not only does she enhance her knowledge base regularly, but she keeps sharing the same with her readers to keep them close to clinical and medical realities.

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