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Stool Culture Test in Delhi

Like our mood, our stomach also gets upset sometimes. Upset stomach and digestive problems are common, and everyone experiences them occasionally. However, if it is happening too frequently and causing more problems than usual, it is a sign that your health needs immediate attention. Your doctor may order Stool Culture to understand your condition and catch the root cause of the problem.

This test checks for bacteria, viruses, or germs in your poop that might make you sick. If your doctor has ordered this test, you can schedule for home sample collection with Redcliffe Labs. Being India’s trusted diagnostic lab, we offer Stool Culture Test in Delhi @ Rs 650. We have advanced resources up to the latest standards to serve you with a satisfactory experience.

Purpose Of Stool Culture:

  • Help doctors see intestines’ bacterial infection.
  • Identify bacteria causing lower digestive tract infection.
  • Distinguish between bacteria causing the infection and those already present in the stool.
  • Look for bacteria, a virus, or germs making you sick.

Symptoms That Call For Stool Culture:

Your doctor may ask for a stool sample only if you are showing symptoms like

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stool with blood or mucus
  • Persistent digestive problems
  • Extreme pain or cramping in the stomach

Testing stool or fecal is excruciating for a doctor to identify the cause of your symptoms. With this test, your doctor may confirm if the harmful bacteria are present and help them prescribe the treatment according to the need. So, get tested as soon as your body starts showing symptoms to treat early and save yourself from experiencing the worst. We offer high-quality testing services at a reasonable Stool Culture Test Price in Delhi.

Tips To Keep Your Digestive System Disease-Free:

  • Make fiber your forever friend
  • Indulge probiotics and prebiotics in your diet
  • Load up with healthy fats
  • Maintain adequate hydration levels
  • Keep stress at bay
  • Eat healthily and mindfully
  • Take your time, chew your food properly
  • Make exercise a crucial part of your life

Slow down and pay attention to the needs of your body. It is your home for life. Taking good care of it today can bring lots of returns tomorrow. So, if you have been taking your health otherwise, it’s time to skip the bad habits and infuse the correctness in your routine and life for healthy living.

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Things You Should Know Before Stool Culture Test:

  • Stool Culture Report helps doctors understand the root cause of frequent digestive problems.
  • Help doctors understand your condition and identify the bacteria causing the infection.
  • Also known as Stool Test or Stool Sample Test, it determines specific types of bacteria, viruses, and germs in the specimen.
  • Moreover, it helps diagnose medical conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoids, colon cancer, and anal fissures.
  • Stool Culture and Sensitivity Test helps your healthcare professional understand what kind of germ is causing the infection and aids in prescribing the correct treatment to kill it.

Reasons To Choose Redcliffe Labs For Stool Culture:

  • We have experienced phlebotomists to collect a sample at your doorstep.
  • We share e-reports via the registered email id or WhatsApp within a stipulated time frame.
  • We assure 100% accurate and reliable lab reports as per the NABL guidelines.
  • We are available a call or click away to offer the maximum assistance possible.

Schedule Your Stool Test At Home With Redcliffe Labs Today!

Don’t let a simple digestive problem take a disastrous shape. Test it and treat it in time. You can Book Stool Culture in Delhi with Redcliffe Labs. We understand that the diagnostic domain is ever-evolving, so we update our resources and techniques to keep up with the latest norms. Our professional and polite support to our patrons enables us to please them with our services. Over the years, we have served several individuals looking for Stool Routine And Microscopic Examination, and you are welcome to be a part of our happy and satisfied clientele.

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