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Ultrasound, also known as a sonogram, applies high frequency to create images of the organs and tissues inside of the body and projects it on the computer screen. It is relatively a safe and effective scan and is widely used during pregnancy to check the reproductive anatomy and the development of the baby.

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During an ultrasound scan, the sound waves or echoes that are given out get reflected from the targeted tissues and organs to develop images of the organs on the computer screen. The sound waves are at a frequency that does not harm or damage the internal tissues. 

Along with the evaluation of foetal development, ultrasounds are used to analyse issues of the kidneys, lungs, liver, gallbladder, abdomen, and heart. The image created during an ultrasound is technically called a sonogram.

This article gives you insights into how you can find the best ultrasound clinic in Delhi with a discussion on the importance and need to locate the best ultrasound clinic. 

What is an ultrasound test? Where is it used?

The ultrasound test, popularly known as sonography or ultrasonography (USG), provides images of the internal organs that can interpret concerns of the targeted tissues or organs. 

Here the term “ultrasound” refers to the sound that a human cannot hear, i.e. from 2 to 18 megahertz (MHz). During the ultrasound, high-frequency sound waves travel through the body fluids and soft tissues, echoing off thick surfaces to create an image. The device used for USG has a transducer- a handheld device connected to the transmitter and imaging monitor.

The higher the frequency of these waves, the better will be the image quality. However, higher frequency waves are easily tissue-absorbable. At the same time, lower frequencies cannot penetrate the deeper layers of the tissues or the images created are of quality below par.

Ultrasound is primarily used as a diagnostic tool to find out conditions of various organs including:

  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Abdomen
  • Heart
  • Lungs 
  • Gallbladder 
  • Reproductive tract (Men and Women)
  • Endocrine glands- Thyroid, pancreas, and others 

An ultrasound can also detect tumours, cysts, lumps, and extra growth of the tissues within the body. 

It helps diagnose issues related to the soft tissues, blood vessels, joints, bones, tendons, and muscles. 

It can help determine problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, and tennis elbow. 

During pregnancy, ultrasound scans during the first, second, and third-trimester help evaluate foetal growth and development. Ultrasound can also be a guiding device for procedures such as biopsies, prenatal confirmatory testing, and other treatments. 

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Why is it important to find the best ultrasound test centre?

If your doctor has prescribed an ultrasound to confirm a diagnosis, the first step is to locate the best ultrasound test clinic near you. Ultrasound scans and biopsies help doctors in getting information on tissues and organs within the body. 

The doctor can use the scan images for either of the two reasons:

  • Confirm a diagnosis or 
  • Rule out suspected conditions

The scan allows the doctor to devise a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Not finding a good quality ultrasound centre can lead to poor quality scans and hence cause misinterpretation of test results due to,

  • Lack of precision imaging, and 
  • Low-resolution images

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Factors to consider while finding the best ultrasound test centre

Here are some factors you will need to look into while locating the best ultrasound scan centre near you. 

  • Reachability: Look for an ultrasound centre that is near to your home. Sometimes, you may have to stay for long during an ultrasound scan or wait to take the reports later after the scan. At times, doctors advise fasting or not drinking a lot of water before the scan. And so, considering a good ultrasonography centre near you is ideal.
  • Registration and licence: The sonography centres must be registered and licensed under ICMR guidelines. The ultrasound centres need to carry PCPNDT (Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques) Licence to carry out prenatal testing.  
  • The radiologists: The ultrasound scan is usually conducted by a qualified radiologist. It is a highly user-dependent procedure. And so, the expertise and experience of the radiologist are vital. The radiologists help in understanding and interpreting the images to carry out an accurate diagnosis. 
  • Equipment and technology: The ultrasound procedure even depends on the machine. Not all ultrasound centres are equipped with the latest technology machines. Blurr scans with low-resolution images cannot provide a clear picture of the internal condition. Even the doctor may find it difficult to confirm a diagnosis with poor scan images. Finding a scan centre with advanced technology and machines that conducts the ultrasound effectively and provides high-resolution images is crucial. 
  • Costs: Pricing of ultrasound scans vary between diagnostic centres, cities, and the type of scan prescribed. Connect with your nearest registered ultrasound centre to know the costs and choose the best one according to your requirement. 

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Other things you need to understand about ultrasounds

  • Doppler ultrasounds are ultrasonography that checks the blood flow in the veins and arteries that pass through various organs of the body. 
  • Ultrasound alone may not help diagnose a particular condition. Additional imaging tests or evaluations need to be followed depending on the condition. 
  • X-rays and radiographs are different from ultrasounds. Certain conditions are highlighted only through ultrasound rather than other imaging scans. 
  • If you are worried about the safety of ultrasound. Permitted levels of sound waves are passed through the body, which causes no harm to the organs, tissues, or the unborn. They are extremely safe procedures. 

How to find the best ultrasound clinic near you on your smart device?

Finding the best and nearest ultrasound centre is a “simple task.” You can locate it easily on your smartphone or laptop. You will need an internet connection to research on the web. Follow the following steps on your smart device with your location or GPS tracker on.  

  • On google search or any other search engine, enter the key phrase “Best ultrasound near me” or “best ultrasound clinic near me.” 
  • This opens you to plenty of options on the search engine. 
  • You can pick the best centre by checking the patient reviews, pricing, accessibility, and other factors. 

Not to forget, your doctor can also recommend you through the best and nearest ultrasound centre, or you can check with your family and friends for the same. However, you can always research the web and check for other details while deciding.


Ultrasound scans are essential scans conducted to evaluate various conditions within the organs and tissues. Prenatal scans are run using ultrasound waves that penetrate deeply yet safely through the placenta, without harming the mother and child. 

USG helps the doctor detect major prenatal conditions, foetal development, height, weight, and other parameters. Similarly, ultrasound scans and biopsies of other organs help the doctor analyse many disorders or conditions if present.  

And so, finding the best ultrasound centre becomes an essential requirement. You can always use the internet and conduct a google search to find the ideal ultrasound centre near you. 

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Prekshi Garg is a young, dynamic, energetic, and meritorious professional biotechnologist. She is a merit rank holder in her post-graduation and a skilled bioinformatician with great zeal to do her best in neurosciences. She is currently working in the area of Neurotranscritomics dealing with neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders. She has presented many papers at different scientific forums and is awarded ‘Representing the Institution in Scientific Events’ citation by Amity University Uttar Pradesh and Top position in Student Assistantship Program held at Amity University in addition to awards won for oral presentations in different scientific deliberations. Prekshi has published a good number of papers and book chapters during the start of her academic career itself. Her tremendous skills and knowledge make her a good blend of biotechnology and bioinformatics.

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