Planning a baby is in itself a joyous event but sometimes when the pregnancy doesn’t happen even after months of trying, it can be heartbreaking. The most possible reason for infertility can be the decreasing number of eggs in females as she ages and reaches the stage of menopause. Therefore, to avoid or treat infertility issues it is very important to evaluate the ovarian reserve in females. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG), anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) is a simple blood test that can help doctors evaluate the ovarian reserve in females. In this article, you will find immense information about the AMH test, its procedure, cost, normal range, the level required for pregnancy, and ways to increase the AMH levels.

What is meant by AMH?

Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) is produced by the granulosa cells present in the ovarian follicles. The hormone is present in the reproductive tissue of both males and females. It is known to play an important role in the development of sex organs in the embryo. The levels of AMH are high in the male fetus (having XY gene) to prevent the development of female organs in the fetus whereas, in the female fetus (having XX gene), the levels of AMH are generally low. The failure of high AMH levels in the male fetus can lead to the condition known as intersex or ambiguous genitalia. As the level of AMH starts increasing after puberty, the production of egg cells in the ovary also increases.

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Why is the AMH test done?

The AMH test is generally conducted in females during their fertility period. The various reasons due to which you can be advised for the AMH test are:

  • If you have had recurrent failures in conceiving naturally for a long time

  • You want to predict the status of your menopause

  • If you have had an early menopause and want to know the reason for the same

  • Analyze the reason behind amenorrhea, that is, the lack of menstruation.

  • Diagnosis of the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

  • Monitor females with ovarian cancer

  • Want to get your eggs frozen for future

What is the cost of the AMH test in India?

The AMH test is an important blood test for infertility. The cost of the AMH test in India is approximately Rs 1665/-.

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What is the normal range for the AMH test?

The production of AMH starts from 36 weeks of gestation and rises when the females reach the adolescence stage. The AMH levels are at a peak when the female is around 25 years of age after which the levels start decreasing with age, finally leading to menopause. The optimum AMH range for a female to get pregnant is 1.5 ng/mL to 4.0 ng/mL. According to a study, the optimum level of AMH in young females on the basis of their age is:

  • Females above 25 years of age, have optimum AMH levels above 3.0 ng/mL

  • Females above 30 years of age, have optimum AMH levels above 2.5 ng/mL

  • Females above 35 years of age, have optimum AMH levels above 1.5 ng/mL

  • Females above 40 years of age, have optimum AMH levels above 1.0 ng/mL

  • Females above 45 years of age, have optimum AMH levels above 0.5 ng/mL

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How to increase AMH level?

Although, it is very natural for the AMH levels to decrease after a certain age, however, there are a few steps that each female can take to increase their AMH levels naturally. These steps include:


Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) is one of the most essential factors that can help your doctor predict the cause of your infertility. With the growing age, levels of AMH start decreasing, which contributes extensively towards infertility. The decrease in the AMH level prior to a specific age can be alarming. However, making certain modifications in your lifestyle and consuming a balanced diet can help you females increase your AMH level.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the causes of low AMH levels?

The low AMH levels can be due to various factors like:

  • Your age 

  • Genetic factors 

  • Undergone surgery for the treatment of ovarian cysts or endometriosis

  • Prevalence of some autoimmune condition

  1. How can I get the AMH test done?

You can easily get your AMH test booked from the comfort of your home. You can book the test at Redcliffe labs by simply making a call at our lab or booking your test online from our official website. One of our phlebotomists will come to your home to collect your blood sample for testing.

  1. When should the AMH test ideally be done?

Since the AMH test is a good indicator for ovarian reserve in females, the test is ideally conducted when the females either face infertility issues or think of getting their eggs frozen. The AMH test can be conducted at any time of the month even when you are taking your oral contraceptives. 

  1. Is it possible to get pregnant even with low AMH values?

Yes, it is quite possible to get pregnant with low AMH values as well. Although AMH is an indicator of ovarian reserve, it is not the only factor on which fertility depends.

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Prekshi Garg is a young, dynamic, energetic, and meritorious professional biotechnologist. She is a merit rank holder in her post-graduation and a skilled bioinformatician with great zeal to do her best in neurosciences. She is currently working in the area of Neurotranscritomics dealing with neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders. She has presented many papers at different scientific forums and is awarded ‘Representing the Institution in Scientific Events’ citation by Amity University Uttar Pradesh and Top position in Student Assistantship Program held at Amity University in addition to awards won for oral presentations in different scientific deliberations. Prekshi has published a good number of papers and book chapters during the start of her academic career itself. Her tremendous skills and knowledge make her a good blend of biotechnology and bioinformatics.

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