Arthritis And Cold Weather – Are They Connected?

While winter is the most beautiful season of the year that brings the joy of Christmas and New Year excitement, on the other hand, it also aggravates certain health disorders, such as arthritis. The knock of winter on the doors is pleasant for some and problematic for others, especially if you have arthritis.

As the cold weather approaches, the pain in joints tends to increase. The weather gets all the blame, but is it the culprit? Winter doesn’t cause arthritis but aggravates the pain. So, does that mean you cannot enjoy winter? No!!! You definitely can. But before that, you should understand why the pain flares up in the winter and what you can do to combat it.

Understand How Drop In Weather, Flares Up Arthritis Pain:

Arthritis is not a single disease but a term that describes 100+ conditions that cause pain in the joints and other connective tissues. A drop in the weather always takes all the blame, but the truth is that it doesn’t cause the problem, made the situation worse. And the research is still out on why that happens or any provable connection between the two. But other than that, there are a few possible explanations for why the problem occurs. So, let’s find it out:

Reasons Why Arthritis Pain Gets Worse In Winters:

  • During winter, the pain receptors of our bodies become more sensitive than in summer or any other season.
  • When barometric pressure drops, it expands the muscles, tendons, and surrounding tissues, and this confined space creates pain in joints and other body parts.
  • The drop in temperature also influences blood circulation to the fingers and toes, which leads to painful joints or arthritis pain.
  • Winters cause swelling in the joints and surrounding tissues that put amplifies pressure and stress on the joints and increases the pain.

Don’t worry because, for every problem, there is a solution. So, you don’t need to suffer in silence. Just be prepared for it. Yes, there are a few ways that can make a significant difference and can ease weather-induced arthritis. So, let’s unveil them one by one.

Tips To Manage Arthritis In Winters

Stay Active: Winter is the high time to break up with your bad or inactive habits and add more joint-friendly physical activities to your life. Regular exercise can increase physical strength and flexibility and helps fight joint pain, stiffness, and more. It prevents the situation from deteriorating and enhances your odds of recovering at the earliest. However, to be safer, it is good to consult a healthcare professional, as they advise the activities according to your condition.

Eat Healthy: It’s common to crave more and feel hungrier in winter. However, binge-eat on unhealthy food habits can hurt your health, especially if you have arthritis. Indeed, eating a balanced diet won’t cure arthritis, but it can make the situation manageable. So, it is always advisable to switch to a healthier and arthritis-friendly diet as suggested by your healthcare professionals.

Stay Hydrated: Drinking water is not for summers but all seasons, even in bone-chilling winters. It keeps you warm, healthy, and comfortable from the inside. Fueling up with water adequately can protect your joints and help them move properly and smoothly.

Stay Warm And Layer Up: Keeping yourself layered, especially in arthritis-prone areas, with warm winter clothes is one sure-shot way to decrease spasms and stiffness. Besides layering, you can also take warm baths to get relief from the discomfort of bone-chilling cold.

Soak The Sun: Vitamin D has a significant role in strengthening bones. Vitamin D Deficiency can increase your pain sensitivity and contributes to bone loss, which increases damage over time. It is advisable to keep your vitamin d levels in balance. Share your concern with your healthcare professional. They will prescribe the test and share preventive care accordingly.

Maintain A Healthy Weight: Your weight does put more strain on the joints, like knees, hips, and spine, and makes the arthritis condition worse. Therefore, to avoid complications like stiffness and pain, keep your weight balanced and avoid pain.

Don’t Miss Routine Testing: As of now, there is no cure for arthritis, but an early diagnosis can be a game-changer, as it can limit the damage. So, whether you have already been diagnosed with arthritis or have symptoms, make sure to book Arthritis Test at the earliest to catch the problem and cure it when there is still the time. Early preventive care can ease the symptoms and helps manage the condition better.

Winter doesn’t have to be hard for people with arthritis. It has t be as cheerful as for others. And proper care and preparations can make it happen. Therefore, taking the screening seriously and preventive measures is essential for maximum comfort throughout the season.

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