Allergy panel – Inhalation ( 33 allergen ) in Delhi


Includes: 33 tests

Bermuda grass, Timothy grass, Johnson grass, Cultivated rye, Cultivated Corn, Eucalyptus, Mesquite, Mugwort, Goosefood, Cocklebur, Rough pigweed, Carnation flower, Sunflower, House dust mite mix 1 (Der. pteronyssinus., Der. farinae), Der. farinae, Cockroach, German, Penicillium notatum, Cladosporium herbarum, Aspergillus fum., Mucor racemosus, Candida albicans, Alternaria alternata, Rhizopus nigricans, Curvularia lunata, Trichophyton m., Cat, Dog, Pigeon feathers, Chicken feathers, Cotton (treated), Straw dust, Jute, Sheep’s wool

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Age Group 5-99 years

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Test Parameters

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Sheep’s wool


Straw dust

Cotton (treated)

Chicken feathers

Pigeon feathers

Trichophyton m

Curvularia lunata

Rhizopus nigricans

Alternaria alternata

Candida albicans

Mucor racemosus

Aspergillus fum

Cladosporium herbarum

Penicillium notatum



Der. farinae

House dust mite mix 1 (Der. pteronyssinus., Der. farinae)



Q. How Can I book my Allergy Panel- Inhalation (33 allergens) Package?

A. With us, scheduling a test is simple; it takes a minute to visit the website and follow the essential steps to confirm your time window.

Q. In how much time will I get my test results?

A. You may anticipate your test results within 3 days because we use the latest technology and sophisticated labs to give a 100% legitimate test report.

Q. Where can I see or get my test results?

A. Thanks to our quickest technology feature, you may quickly obtain your test findings via email, SMS, and WhatsApp with 100% accuracy.

Q. Is a home sample collection available for the Allergy Panel: Inhalation (33 allergens) Package?

A. Yes, Redcliffe Labs works on making the diagnosis process simple for everyone, and we offer doorstep sample collection for your ease.
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An inhalant allergy test is a simple blood test that detects allergenic inhalants. These are usually caused by the immune system's hypersensitivity to normally harmless substances in the environment and can happen to anyone.

Thus, to prevent the after-effects of these allergens on your health or body, it is advised to go for an allergy panel test in Delhi so that your treatment can be planned and corrective actions can be taken in the initial stages before the risk to your health exceeds.

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Allergy Panel- Inhalation ( 33 allergens) Test

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Your immune system produces antibodies that label a specific allergen as hazardous, even when it is not. When you have allergies, your skin, sinuses, airways, or digestive tract may become inflamed due to your immune system's reaction when you come into contact with the allergen. Thus, taking care of your health is your responsibility, which can only be fulfilled by going for the allergy panel test in Delhi with Redcliffe Labs (the leading diagnostic center in India) today.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the common signs of allergy?
The common symptoms of allergies include but are not limited to red eyes, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy rash, shortness of breath, swelling, etc.
    What is the preparation method for the Allergy panel – Inhalation ( 33 allergens) package?
    There are no special preparations required before taking this test. However, you should follow your doctor’s guidelines and avoid certain medications as they might influence your test results.
      Why do you need an Allergy panel – Inhalation ( 33 allergens) package?
      You should get diagnosed if you have a family history of allergies, suffer from asthma, or are already distressed by other types of allergies.
        How many tests does this package consist of?
        The allergy panel and inhalation package include 33 test parameters to give you a comprehensive picture so your treatment can begin as soon as possible.
          Rs.15000/-Rs. 6000/-