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Smart Full Body checkup with double marker test in Arrha

Includes: 87 tests

Thyroid (3 Tests), CBC (27 Tests), LFT (12 Tests), KFT (10 Tests), LIPID (9 Tests), Urine Routine & Microscopy(23 Tests), Blood Sugar Fasting + Double Marker test

Home CollectionAvailable
Get Reports in24 HOURS
Age Group5-99 years
10 to 12 hours Fasting Is Required
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Test Parameters

Double Marker test

Blood Glucose Fasting (1)

Urine Routine & Microscopy (Urine R/M) (23)

Kidney Function Test / KFT (10)

Thyroid Profile (3)

Complete Hemogram / CBC (27)

Liver Function Test / LFT (12)

Lipid Profile (9)

Questions & Answers

Q. What Is A Double Marker Test, And Why Is It Important?

A. The Double Marker Test means another significant pregnancy test that helps catch abnormalities in the fetus. This diagnosis considers highly reliable in examining the healthy development of the fetus. The test is vital to detect the problem and begin the treatment at the earliest to minimize risks to the baby and mother-to-be.

Q. How Is The Double Marker Test Performed?

A. This test is like a blood test and requires no special preparation. During the examination, your healthcare professional will tie a band on the arms to find the vein and collect blood hygienically, following standard protocols to send it for testing. If you are on some medication or have any chronic illness, you should speak with your expert before the test, as it can otherwise interfere with test results.

Q. What Can Be Detected Through This Procedure?

A. This helps detect Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18 (which causes severe birth defects), and Trisomy 21 (which causes mental, heart, organ, and health disorders). The Double Marker Test Normal Values of hCG in an expecting mother is 25700-288000 mIU/ml and for PAPP – A is 1 MoM

Q. Is The Test Painful?

A. As this is like a normal blood test, the pain or risk associated is nominal. However, one can experience slight pain at the punctured site.

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Smart Full Body checkup with double marker test in Arrha


Pregnancy is undeniably the most beautiful and blissful phase for a woman. However, this beautiful phase comes with so many responsibilities. Because being a mother-to-be, you now have the accountability of two lives. Therefore, besides following a healthy diet and active lifestyle, periodic checkups are equally crucial to keep the baby and mom-to-be healthy. One such test is the Double Marker Test, also known as Maternal Serum Screening. It is the most vital test in pregnancy to diagnose abnormalities in the fetus. Any abnormalities can lead to developmental deformities and dangerous health hazards, and thus, detecting them at the earliest is essential.

A pregnant woman should go for a Smart Full Body checkup with Double Marker Test in Arrha to determine any chromosomal malformation in the fetus and take necessary actions to deal with the defect before it becomes a danger. Redcliffe Labs is a trusted diagnostic center you can count on to get Double Marker Test Results @ Rs 1999. The package comprises 87 tests, including Blood Glucose Fasting, Urine Routine & Microscopy, Kidney Function Test, Thyroid Profile, Complete Hemogram, Liver Function Test, Lipid Profile, etc.

Pregnant Women Have To Undergo Double Marker Test Who:

  • Are of age above 35 years
  • Have had a previous baby with a chromosomal abnormality
  • A family with genetic conditions
  • IVF pregnancy
  • Diabetic and using insulin or other medicines
  • Exposure to infection or high-grade fever

If an expecting mother does not fall into any of the above categories can also go for a Dual Marker Blood Test to diagnose defects in the fetus and ensure better safety. It is like another simple blood test and requires no special preparations. However, if you have any chronic disorder or are on some specific medication, you should better speak with your healthcare professional. It examines two markers in the mother’s blood and is thus, called a Combined Test to screen for Down syndrome.

Double Marker Test Price:

The Double Marker Test Cost is not the same in every city. However, with Redcliffe Labs, you can book this package which includes 87 tests @ Rs 1999.

Test Details:

Name of The Package
Smart Full Body Checkup With Double Marker Test
Sample Type
Blood and Urine
Number of Tests
Actual Test Price
₹ 4998
Discounted Price
₹ 1999
Home Sample Collection
Additional Cost For Home Sample Collection
Precaution Before Test
10-12 Hours of Fasting

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Your body is different, and so are your health requirements. Therefore, we bring custom health packages to check health on various grounds. Our popular packages include Smart Full Body Checkup, Smart Full Body Check up with Vitamin D, Advance Plus Full Body Checkup, Fever Panel- Basic, Diabetes Screening Test / Blood Sugar Test, Weight Management Screening, and Allergy Screening package, among more. Our trained and professional team blends their experience and expertise into each test to ensure authenticity and accuracy remain intact.

A List Of Popular Diagnostic Tests @ Redcliffe Labs:

Need For Smart Full Body Checkup With Double Marker Test:

  • The Double Marker Test Report is used in pregnancy to understand deformities in fetuses.
  • The test is highly reliable in detecting abnormalities or issues accurately.
  • Early detection allows one to take preventive measures in time.
  • Detect chromosomal aberration and other high-risk factors during the pregnancy.
  • The test has an excellent detection rate and helps keep fetus health in check.
  • Diagnose muscle loss, short neck, and other defects or genetic disorders in the unborn baby.

Don’t Stress & Take The Test Today!

The health of your little one is also your responsibility, so be extra careful and attentive to minimize all possible complications. So, without delays, book a Double Marker Test In Pregnancy Online in 1 minute with Redcliffe Labs. We provide a home sample collection facility without additional cost to ensure you get tested in the comfort of your home. So, book a test now.

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